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focusounds sweet series is available now!

The concept behind the 'Sweet Series' instruments is simple: To create musical, scripted-legato patches that you can play "on-the-fly" with great results!

Sweet Cello

Gorgeous full-bodied cello
Recorded with world-class recording gear in a professional studio
Performed by a full-time, seasoned session musician in Los Angeles, California
Incorporates unique performance techniques that treats specifically to scripted legato
No static notes, each note breathes musically
Dynamics controlled by modwheel (CC#1) which controls both volume and filter
Patches that cater to a variety of musical applications/dynamics
Ultra-low RAM and CPU footprint
Patches include: Sultry, Dolce, Solo, Passion
Also includes direct-recorded, 4½ octave Electric Cello!

How every patch works

Each patch uses three velocity layers that trigger different performances:

The lowest velocity layer triggers a sustain with its natural attack -- great for beginning a musical phrase.
The middle velocity layer (the most comfortable range) triggers a performance that's ideal for mid-phrase work and works great as a harder, starting attack.
The highest velocity layer triggers a performance with a longer non-vibrato to vibrato progression, perfect for ending phrases.

But these are simply guidelines. Depending on the musical context, you can switch between the middle and high velocity layers wherever you see fit, yielding some uniquely musical results!

Tech Specs

Full retail version of Kontakt 4.2.3+ required
Free Kontakt player NOT supported
Direct download only
170 MB
311 samples
Recorded at 44.1Khz / 16-bit

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